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Acid Base Calculator

Acid/alkaline balance is only one aspect of health. For most healthy people, it is enough to eat more fruit, vegetables, legumes and pulses and minimise animal products and grains. Generally it is not necessary to micromanage your diet to get the lowest PRAL value or a positive PRAL value.However, for some it is useful to calculate the PRAL value of your diet. If you want to eat more alkaline producing foods, increase the amount of fruits, legumes, pulses and (especially) vegetables in your diet and reduce grains and animal proteins, including dairy products.

You may want to learn about the benefits of managing your dietary acid-base balance to optimise your health, minimise cancer and disease risk and promote a healthier life.

There is an excellent video webinar entitled Acid base Balance and Health located at

This webinar presents the scientific evidence for the adverse effect of our modern diet on acid-base balance. The processes that lead to Irritable Bowel Syndrome and modern diseases, such as cancer, osteoporosis, arthritis and gout are discussed. Information is presented that will allow health professionals to be effective at addressing some of these dysfunctional processes and promote optimum physical and mental health.

Click here for the Acid/Base Calculator